About Tyler

In 1979 Tyler Scott graduated from Kenyon College and left the States to travel the world— much to her parents chagrin. She flew to New Zealand and Australia, then spent a year crewing on sailboats in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. After a year, tired of sailing, she settled down in the Seychelles where she lived until they had a coup d’état. She flew home in 1982.

Her high school, Chatham Hall, asked her to write an article about the trip for their alumnae magazine so she wrote “Third World Diary” about her adventures and it was reprinted in a political quarterly. The editor took her out to lunch and told her she should write for a living, something that certainly made sense because she’d been writing prolifically since she was five years old. Letters, diaries, journals . . . she was always the kid at camp who wanted to write letters home.

She’d finally found her calling and has been writing ever since. Her articles and essays have appeared in many newspapers and magazines over the last thirty years. She even did an internship at “America’s Most Wanted” and they caught the criminal from the script she worked on.

Tyler Scott lives in Blackstone, Virginia, with her husband and a terrier named Dolly.

Her new novel “The Excellent Advice of a Few Famous Painters” is now available in paperback and Kindle on this site or Amazon.