Went to Staunton, Wrote a Poem


To have some fun
And so they wouldn’t be down
Last weekend
Dolly, Granville, and Tyler
Went out of town.

Dolly was up front in her booster seat
And Tyler sat in back like a child
Though the scenery couldn’t be beat.
Past farms and hamlets and green rolling hills,
Away, away from all the big city thrills.

Up 64, over Afton and to Staunton they went,
Thankfully, the Stonewall Jackson Hotel
Takes dogs
So they did not need a tent.

The Stonewall Jackson is an historic hotel at its best
An example of Colonial Revival architecture
It’s a sophisticated place to rest.

Staunton has a history of revolution and civil war
which left its denizens torn,
On a lighter note, this is where our own President Wilson was born.

On Saturday night
Granville and Tyler went to Zynodoa on a date,
Feeling a little guilty
For leaving Dolly in her crate.

In a hip New-Yorky restaurant they ate soft shells, steak, and tippled cabernet
And Granville didn’t grumble too much when it came time to pay.

On Sunday they walked to Cranberry’s Grocery
For breakfast burritos and were well fed,
And Dolly sat by the door, awaiting all those pats on the head.

It was a bit too hot to be a tourist or shop so nothing came to fruition
And anyway, who has money for souvenirs when you’re paying all that tuition?
But alas, on the way home at a mall in a small town,
Tyler found a set of Havilland china and made quite a sound
Dinner and salad plates, soup bowls and a platter,
However, storage at home would be no small matter.

Sunday P.M., arriving at their house,
They were tired and happy and needed a rest,
Because as each of us knows,
East, west, home’s best.


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